Salesforce World Tour 2019

Trailblazers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Thursday, March 7th, saw the return of the Salesforce World Tour to Amsterdam. Every year, this event provides Salesforce, it’s partners, prospects and customers with the opportunity to meet, exchange information, participate in breakout sessions and listen to inspiring keynote speeches. You can take a look at the recorded sessions and see photos of the event here.

CloseContact was present once more, as a Gold Sponsor in the Customer Success Expo. This year, the special focus was on Trailblazers.

Salesforce World Tour 2019

Who or what are Trailblazers?

According to the Salesforce philosophy, everybody can be a Trailblazer: developers, admins, sales execitives, marketers, entrepreneurs or whole companies. Trailblazers are the innovators, the pioneers and the leaders in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the era of connectivity. Everybody is connected in the digital world, but we interact in an increasingly personal way.

Salesforce World Tour 2019

How do I become a Trailblazer?

Salesforce has its own playground where you can learn all about the platform in a fun way. Whether you are looking to master technical skills as a developer or admin, or want to take your marketing and sales to a new level through marketing autoation or advanced lead generation, the place to start is Salesforce Trailhead.

Register for a free account and start your trail by earning badges, obtaining ranks and, ultimately, a Salesforce Certification. Get started with the fun way to learn Salesforce now!


At the World Tour, Salesforce also officially introduced MyTrailhead. In MyTrailhead, companies and orginizations can create their own learning environment, tailored to their corporate identity. They can use this for onboarding new employees or internal training.

Salesforce World Tour 2019

We are all Trailblazers

During the Salesforce world Tour, visitors could experience Trailhead first hand and win badges that could be redeemed for a Salesforce pluchy. Several of us went home with Cloudy the Goat!

If you were there, but missed us, or if you couldn’t attend: keep an eye on Salesforce’s event calendar. There’s always next year!

Salesforce World Tour 2019




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