CloseContact helped VSO Netherlands organise its data, content and Cloudpages in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

VSO aims to end world poverty. They connect people so they can share their knowledge, experience and skills. They operate in the fields of education, health care and secure livelihood. VSO believes people can change the world, if they look beyond borders. Knowledge is their most powerful instrument. Around 100 skilled experts work in more than twenty countries in Africa and Asia on behalf of VSO.

Activating the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform and setting up content, data and customer journeys in a way that is user-friendly for VSO Netherlands and it’s marketers. We also set up an onboarding journey, aimed at informing donors about VSO Netherlands’ activities, to bond with and retain loyal donors.

We developed a new Master Data Layer where marketers can build their own filters for audiences and campaigns. We also created all standard assets, such as email templates in Content Builder, performed an IP-warming and set up the Business Unit. Additionally, we set up an onboarding journey and automated it in Automation Studio. CloseContact trains VSO employees in the use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and offers daily support.

Project Details

Client: VSO

Date: 13 April 2018

Online: www.vso.nl/

CloseContact helped VSO Nederland set up data, content and Cloudpages in Salesforce Marketing Cloud so its marketers can work independently on the platform.

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