EDF Luminus

The complete EDF Luminus multi-channel customer lifecycle (from acquisition to win back) was developed and set up by CloseContact. This resulted in 20+ automations, 20+ multi-channel journeys (SMS, email, web, print). We also trained more than twenty marketers in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and continue to provide daily support.

Reactivation of an existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform and setting up content, data and customer journeys in a user-friendly way so EDF Luminus and its marketers can work in it independently.

EDF Luminus is the first challenger on the energy market in Belgium. It is an important producer and supplier of renewable energy and energy services. EDF Luminus’ installed capacity is 2018 MW, which is about 10% of Belgium’s total. It’s brand Luminus supplies electricity, gas and energy services to 2 million private and corporate customers, a market share of 20%.

CloseContact helped EDF Luminus reorganise its data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, using CRM Connector and Contact Builder, among others. We also developed a completely new Master Data Layer. This allows marketers to build their own filters to create audiences and campaigns. We also created an asset library with email templates in Content Builder. We also executed an IP-warming and set up the Business Unit.

Project Details

Client: EDF Luminus

Date: 19 April 2018

Online: www.luminus.be/nl/prive/

CloseContact helped EDF Luminus to reorganise its data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We also developed a completely new Master Data Layer, so marketers can create their own filters to build audiences and campaigns.

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