Marketing now: data-driven rules

The Global Review of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising 2016

More and more data is becoming available from different digital channels and technology to process and interpret this data is developing rapidly. Marketing that isn’t based on customer data has effectively ceased to exist.

The Global Review of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising is based on a worldwide survey of marketers, advertisers, publishers, service providers and technology developers from 18 countries. A majority of respondents to the 2016 survey has indicated they again spent more money than the previous year for data-driven solutions. They consider these vital in their effort to put the customer first. They see segmentation using predictive analyses as the way forward for digital marketing.

Overview by channel

It appears marketers would rather invest in proven, accessible and measurable channels. Non-standardized or not widely adopted technologies, like addressable tv or digital out of home are undervalued when compared to mobile solutions such as apps, social media management and SMS. These channels are easily implemented and managed with marketing automation and immediately measurable. Email. search and web content remain stable. Direct mail and contact centers are dropping.

Global review of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising 2016
Worldwide trust per channel (click for full version)


Trust in data-driven marketing is not increasing everywhere. This could be because of several challenges the marketing sector is facing at the moment. How do you integrate existing marketing and advertising technologies with the ever-increasing data streams out of online and offline channels? Larger organisations are struggling with outdated internal processes and worry they will be unable to keep up with digital developments. Stricter regulations, like the new EU privacy laws, are also a cause for concern.

Global Review of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising
Trust per country (click for full version)

How to make the most of your data

Many respondents feel they (or their clients) can create more value from digital marketing with better organisation and integration of their marketing technology, more training for their staff and more support for data analysis.

Global Review of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising
Value creation (click for full version)


The results are clear: data is the foundation for successful marketing. But it takes effort to succeed. Are you looking for advice on integrated data-driven marketing solutions, training and support? Contact us!

You can download the Global Review of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising here.