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What is Inbound Marketing?

Unlike traditional Outbound marketing methods, that actively go in search of your customers, Inbound marketing techniques, like search engine optimisation, social media posts and content marketing, are used to direct relevant and specific traffic from your prospects to your website and your unique content. If you offer them the content they are looking for, you will turn them into valuable leads and valued customers.

What CloseContact can do for you

We use smart data analysis to track your prospects on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or other online platforms. By joining the conversation within these groups, we can direct people to your website. We can also encourage them to download relevant and useful content there. We follow this up with individual lead nurturing, using Marketing Automation. This ensures you get a regular supply of sales-ready leads.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing used together form a powerful combination. Inbound generates a marketing lead, after which Outbound (through email marketing, for instance) can convert it into a valuable sales-ready lead.

For Inbound Marketing to be successful, you need a strategy, time and perseverance. Many companies lack the time and manpower to fully invest in Inbound. This is where we come in: we create your content, write blogs, manage your social media, optimise your website and landing pages and track the whole process for you as well. Our social media and communities team is here to help and can provide some great ideas that will work for you. Looking for an automated solution? We use several powerful tools and platforms like Salesforce Pardot.

Inbound marketing according to Pardot

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