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CloseContact at the Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam

Keynote Mark Hawkins
The Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam event, held on April 14, 2016, was the place to be for marketers who want to stay on top of their game. Among the keynote speakers were Mark Hawkins (Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Salesforce), Neelie Kroes (Special Envoy StartupDelta) and Ellen Greve (CEO KNGF Geleidehonden/Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation). It featured breakout sessions on just about every industry, from healthcare to financial services to charities.

Customer success platform

If you attended,  we hope you were inspired by the success stories shared by Salesforce clients and educated by the product showcase and expert demos. But in case you missed it, look here  for other events on the Salesforce World Tour.

Things are changing at lightning speed

One very important thing we learned from this event is that in the digital age, everything is moving at lightning speed. Machine learning and the internet of things are here and here to stay, big data is getting bigger. In addition, disruptive innovators are changing the way things are done in just about every sector of the economy. These are exciting times for marketers, but it can be mind-boggling when everything you thought you knew about your job is constantly evolving.

But … don’t Panic!

Successfully connecting with your customers means you have to get to know everything about them. Collect all your customer data in one place, so you can learn about their needs and wishes. The next step is marketing automation. It may feel like a contradiction, but when done right, automating key aspects of your marketing and sales process will give you more time to establish a meaningful and profitable relationship with them, regardless of where they are on their customer journey.

Of course, marketing automation is not just for marketers: salespeople can use marketing automation to see what prospects are clicking, downloading, watching, and reading — allowing reps to personalize sales conversations and send personalized, marketing-approved emails to prospective clients. They also get real-time alerts when hot leads are engaging with their website or emails. All this helps you, as a brand, service provider or charity,  to connect with prospects, turn them into customers or donors and facilitate their entire journey with your charity, brand or service.


It’s all about the customer

We cannot say this often enough: People today expect personalized one-on-one experiences across all channels and devices, in real time. Marketing automation enables you to plan, personalize, and optimize your digital marketing and sales strategy as you go and to deliver the best possible experience to every unique customer.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can:

  • map your customers’ journey across channels, devices, and customer lifecycle stages
  • move your customers through a journey with your brand, delivering relevant content that evolves as they interact across your organization, from sales department to customer support desk
  • measure the impact on your business of every interaction with customers, and optimize your strategy and tactical plans in real time

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