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Close Contact BV (hereinafter referred to as CloseContact) grants you access to closecontact.nl (the website). On the website, CloseContact publishes text, images and other materials to inform visitors about its services. CloseContact reserves the right to alter or delete the content or part of the content of the website without prior notice.
The content on closecontact.nl is intended as general information and is not aimed at the individual circumstances of the visitor. The information on this site cannot be used as a substitute for a personal business advice and offer of services. Business agreements with CloseContact are only entered into upon acceptance of a detailed offer by CloseContact.

Limited liability:

CloseContact takes the utmost care to update and supplement the information on its website as often as is necessary. Despite our care and attention, it is possible that the content of this website contains errors and inaccuracies. The content of this website is offered without any guarantee or claim of correctness, and it can be changed at any moment without prior notification. CloseContact is not responsible for information or services presented on external sites linked to on this websites, or on sites that link to closecontact.nl.


Copyright to all materials published on this website is held by CloseContact or the original copyright holder. Copying, distribution or any other use of these materials is not allowed without prior written permission obtained from CloseContact, except where the rules for fair use apply.


This disclaimer may change from time to time. After each change, it will be republished with a new version number.

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