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How much value is locked up in your data? Many companies have a dedicated marketing database, and almost all of the companies that we talk to use databases to support their marketing activities.  Some organisations even have centralised data warehouses or marketing databases that contain comprehensive customer profiles (see Database Development).

In our experience, most companies do far too little to realise the enormous value hidden below the surface of their data.  This leads to one size fits all communication, instead of a dialogue with and about the customer. Our data experts take you closer to your customer. Once you know who is going to do what, and when they are going to do it, you can take the conversation to the next level with Marketing Automation.


Interaction generates measurable data. You will have sales data, service data and data about revenue. All of this is valuable to the departments that use it. But it is only when we look at the different types of data that we can see the complete customer and understand more about what he or she is doing.

Customer Insight starts with structuring. We perform a scan to determine what data is available and how all the information fits together. Next, we turn all of the relevant data into data sets. These form the building blocks for customer profiles and are used by our dialogue strategy experts to create contact strategies and for things like customer segmentation, churn, factor, basket and cluster analyses, and predictive modelling. We help you turn your data into inspirational campaigns and conversion.