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The Customer Life Cycle is the process a customer goes through when purchasing a product or service. It usually consists of these stages: orientation, acquisition, use and service. Each touch point between the customer and the supplier generates information about the customer. This can be used to set up a profile. Knowing the customer allows the supplier to interact with him or her in a relevant and meaningful way on every stage of the life cycle.

Based on the actual contact strategy, as determined in the Dialogue Strategy, we develop relevant programs that support all stages of the life cycle of your customer. We ensure that these are integrated into the necessary communication channels (eg email), and connected to the appropriate databases created by Database Development and Data Insight. This way we are able to proactively or reactively respond to lifecycle events or the behaviour of your customers.


Our expertise in this area allows us to work in almost all of the major campaign management tools. As most of these are cloud based, you have the option to outsource the work to us entirely or manage it yourself. Or you can use a hybrid model, as most of our customers prefer. We work with the proven technology of our partners, for instance, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Emarsys.


Multichannel campaigns are complex: usually, multiple parties, such as call centres, advertising and fulfilment agencies and other specialists are involved. Getting all these stakeholders to work as one requires time, effort and expertise. How well this is done, ultimately defines your customer’s experience. CloseContact directs all the operations from its central position. 

Customer Life cycle

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